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"To know wisdom and instruction, to perceive the words of understanding, to receive the instruction of wisdom, justice, judgment, and equity; To give prudence to the simple, to the young man knowledge and discretion—a wise man will hear and increase learning, and a man of understanding will attain wise counsel, to understand a proverb and an enigma, the words of the wise and their riddles. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction."   Proverbs 1:2-7  NKJV

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This page is dedicated to presenting a collection of materials currently out there on the web that should be of interest to those in Christian Brethren (CB) circles and to the wider Christian church as well.


There are some doctrines that are central to faith, like salvation in Christ alone, then there are others that are not. The general Open or Christian Brethren view is that if a person is genuinely saved through simple faith according to Scripture, then they are my brother or sister in Christ. Other issues are discussion points within the family that may mean that while you may dwell with those of like mind in the outworking of your faith, we are still all children of the one Father, baptised in the one Spirit, and under the one Lord Jesus.


Not all views here listed are endorsed by all CB, but are simply presented for your spiritual growth and understanding of the issues. Iron sharpens iron! So let us discuss, debate, persuade in love - but never belittle, destroy, ridicule or hold contempt for another brother or sister in Christ. Indeed, Jesus said,  "By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another." Jn 13:35


(Link Disclaimer: Caution should be exercised - all points should be checked back to the truth of God's Word. No one gets it all right all the time.  No one!  If you feel that a link is not in keeping with the beliefs of CB, please email us your concerns and the link will be reviewed and possibly removed. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and needed in this.)


"The Gospel In Four Minutes..."

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National CCCAust Conferences

AUDIO Downloads MP3 - What a great line-up of speakers we were blessed with at the 2010 National Conference! Please take advantage of these free downloads, here for your edification, challenge and encouragement. These messages are also available on “hard copy” DVD discs and these discs can be ordered by contacting Dan Proctor, CCCAust Secretary, on email: dan.proctor@cccaust.com with your contact details. 

These MP3 audios have been reduced in size for quicker downloading.

National CCCAust Conference 2012 - REVISITED

    Session 1 - 49 mins. Darrell Bock

    Spirit as Agent of Formation & Leadership

                 Session 6

                 Not available

    Session 2 - 45 mins. Darrell Bock

    Spiritual Identity and Leadership

    Session 7 - 30 mins. David Smith

    Seeking After God

    Session 3 - 55 mins. Martin Garcia

    Progress or Regress

    Session 8 - 48 mins. Martin Garcia

    A Movement or A Monument

    Session 4 - 53 mins. Darrell Bock

    The Road to Wisdom in Leadership

    Session 9 - 28 mins. David Smith

    Worship Service

    Session 5 - 59 mins. Martin Garcia

    Strengthening Your Devotional Life

    Session 10 - 38 mins. Ross Bunyon

    CCCAust Info Session

National CCCAust Conference 2010 - REVISITED

    Session 1 - 63 mins.

    Jeremy McQuoid  -  Friday Night

***  Special Sessions below  ***

    Session 2 - 59 mins.

    Mark Strom  -  Saturday Morning

    Saturday Evening Youth Service - 48 mins.

    George Verwer  Beginning was not recorded!

    Session 3 - 63 mins.

    Jeremy McQuoid  -  Saturday Morning

    Sunday Morning MCC Worship Service - 50

    mins.    Jeremy McQuoid

    Session 4 - 63 mins.

    Mark Strom  -  Saturday Afternoon

    Sunday Evening Youth Service - 49 mins.

    George Verwer

    Session 5 - 83 mins.

    Mark Strom  -  Sunday Afternoon

Please go to the CCCAust website for

original and alternative formats,

including video and hard-copies.

    Session 6 - 64 mins.

    Jeremy McQuoid  -  Monday Morning

National CCCAust Conference 2008 - REVISITED

    Who Are You When Nobody Is Looking?

    Rod Wilson - 63 mins.

    Our Redefined Culture, Our Unchanging   

    Christ.   Mark McCrindle - 50 mins.

    Who Are You When You Are Not Working?

    Rod Wilson - 44 mins.

    Behind The Veil

    Vicky Mustafa - 55 mins.

    Does Your Church Have An Identity?

    Rod Wilson - 56 mins.

    The Panel - Questions & Answers - 56 mins.
Rod Wilson, Mark McCrindle, Vicki Mustafa.

The 2014 CCCAust National Conference will be held in New South Wales.



International Brethren Conference on Mission

AUDIO Downloads MP3 - The purpose of the International Brethren Conferences on Mission (IBCM) is to bring together every four years the national leaders of local churches connected with the Brethren movement across the world for spiritual reflection, fellowship and, we pray, renewed experience of the Lord. The overall goal is the mutual encouragement of leaders in the movement in the different countries. The specific objectives of the conferences are:

   •  To seek the presence and direction of the Lord together
   •  To enable leaders from across the world to discover and encourage one another
   •  To strengthen networking and fellowship
   •  To raise awareness of the spiritual challenges of current trends and cultural developments
   •  To share practical experience, ideas and methods
   •  To encourage younger leaders
   •  To encourage the development of regional conferences with similar objectives

These MP3 audios have been remastered and reduced in size for quicker downloading.

IBCM5 - International Brethren Conference on Mission 2011 - REVISITED

The Conference was held on 13 - 17 June 2011 in Strasbourg, France, at Strasbourg on the Franco-German frontier. Including local helpers and attendees, there were some 480 participants from 90 countries of the world.

    IBCM5 Session 1 - "I Will Build My Church" - Fares Marzone                                      43 mins. 9.8mb

    IBCM5 Session 2 - "Acts 2 - Beginning of the Church" - Czeslaw Bassara              38 mins. 8.6mb

    IBCM5 Session 3 - "Growing In Cities - Part 1" - Simeon Havyarimana                      37 mins. 8.4mb

    IBCM5 Session 4 - "Growing In Cities - Part 2" - Paco Diaz                                        26 mins. 6.0mb

    IBCM5 Session 5 - "Acts 4 - Opposition" - Ken Daughter                                           48 mins. 10.9mb

    IBCM5 Session 6 - "Growing In Rural World - Part 1" - Sharlu Ninan                         23 mins. 5.2mb

    IBCM5 Session 7 - "Growing In Rural World - Part 2" - Mulugeta Ashagrie                38 mins. 8.7mb

    IBCM5 Session 8 - "Acts 8, The Church Spreads Out" - Barijoana Rako                 57 mins. 13.1mb

    IBCM5 Session 9 - "Growing Church & Young People" - Phillipe Perrillia                 37 mins. 8.4mb

    IBCM5 Session 10 - "Acts 10, Cultural Relevance" - Suhail Rubin                              23 mins. 5.4mb

    IBCM5 Session 11 - "Growth In The Developed World" - David Smith                    56 mins. 12.4mb

    IBCM5 Session 12 - "Growth In The Church" - Stephen MacQuoid                            19 mins. 4.4mb

The 2015 IBCM6 Conference will be posted when confirmed.



Welcome to DUNCRAIG CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP'S Online Sermons. To download a Sermon simply click on a speaker and then click on the sermon you would like to download. Here you can also order any copies of our Sermons on CD. To have a CD sent out to you please fill out our form below with your mailing details and we will have the CD sent out to you within the week. Alternatively you can pick up your copy from our office at 41 Beddi Rd. Duncraig, during our office hours. Sermons available online are compressed as to save space and are therefore not a high quality. We are able to save the audio at a higher quality for CD's.  More info here...




Messages Presented from Lynwood Christian Church

Missed the Sunday morning message or want to listen to some good bible-based teaching from LCC, now you can from this webpage. Audios will be posted here in MP3s - usually on Monday morning. Audios have been remastered.




Sermon MP3s presented from Bedford Community Church...



Blessed Assurance Promise Box aims to provide free of charge, Downloads, CDs and DVDs of the recordings of teaching given in the various Christian Brethren Assemblies across Australia, and other things on this site as requested. We trust the Lord to supply all our needs to accomplish this. We currently have over 2,600 MP3 ministry recordings on the Downloads page. Email us the details of your CB recordings and we will edit them and add them to our resources. Coming soon !!! - Another 2,400 ministry recordings are being digitised. Support and resources for Christian Brethren assemblies. Encouraging files for all believers in Christ.



   IHS-WA.net       Some great Christian Teaching websites


(Some of the best relevant bible teaching you will hear today - Ed.)





The primary mission of RZIM is to support, expand, and enhance the preaching and teaching ministry of Ravi Zacharias, distinctive in its strong evangelistic and apologetic foundation, intended to touch both the heart and the intellect of the thinkers and opinion-makers of society with the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We address the intellectual and essential assumptions of our culture, realizing that for some, the door to the heart is through the mind, and for others through the imagination. RZIM is committed to reaching this generation around the world—in the university, the arts, politics, business and the Church. Through open forums, community outreach, youth apologetics, various media and social awareness, we seek to remove the barriers to the Cross for the sceptic as we prepare Christians to give a reason for the hope within us.


Hundreds of PodCasts, Articles & Videos FREE


Here is a sample of videos on YouTube of Ravi Zacharias...


  Why the Bible? - Ravi Zacharias at the University of Illinois


  Ravi Zacharias Answers Stephen Hawking - Part 1  


  How do you know that Christianity is the one true worldview?


  Is it possible to walk closely with God?


  Who Are You, Really?







Ariel Ministries, created to evangelize and disciple our Jewish brethren, has been born from necessity to meet an urgent need. Ariel means “Lion of God,” representing the Messiah Yeshua as the Lion of Judah. It is also an alternate name for Jerusalem (Isaiah 29:1) — the city of peace now waiting for the Prince of Peace to return. Ariel Ministries has plunged directly into the mainstream of Jewish missions by combining the two key areas of evangelism and discipleship, with a heavy emphasis on Bible theology and doctrine. We seek to develop a balanced program of reaching out to others, as we grow in maturity ourselves.

Study the Bible from a Jewish-Christian perspective in Podcasts And Articles




Life Ministries is an evangelical Christian ministry in Western Australia that exists to help Christians deal with difficult moral and theological issues from a biblical perspective. Our desire is to help God’s people "take every thought captive to obey Christ". We may be able to help you and your church by providing:
• Publications such as Life News, Life Pamphlets, Life Booklets and Current Issues Papers.
• Speakers for seminars, camps, study groups and youth groups on matters such as marriage, family life, dating, abortion, euthanasia, pornography, homosexuality, prostitution, racism, evolution and the environment.
• Speakers to preach an edifying message from God’s word at Sunday services.


Articles by Andrew Lansdown of Life Ministries



   IHS-WA.net       Financial Wisdom for the Christian

(Down-to-earth bible-based advise on how to take control of your money and life, from a Christian perspective. I would describe Dave as an American Redneck Christian, whose passion sometimes runs away with him - recommended - Ed.)


Dave Ramsey - the voice of financial wisdom

Dave Ramsey is a personal money management expert, an extremely popular national radio personality and best-selling author of The Total Money Makeover. In his latest book, a follow-up of his enormously successful New York Times best-sellers Financial Peace and More Than Enough, Ramsey exemplifies his life’s work of teaching others how to be financially responsible, so they can acquire enough wealth to take care of loved ones, live prosperously into old age, and give generously to others. Ramsey knows first-hand what financial peace means in his own life – living a true rags-to-riches-to-rags-to-riches story. By age twenty-six he had established a four-million-dollar real estate portfolio, only to lose it by age thirty. He has since rebuilt his financial life and now devotes himself full-time to helping ordinary people understand the forces behind their financial distress and how to set things right – financially, emotionally, and spiritually. Ramsey offers life-changing financial advice as host of a nationally syndicated radio program, "The Dave Ramsey Show," which is heard by more than 4.5 million listeners each week, on more than 425 radio stations throughout the United States.


FREE - Heaps of help to get your money under control - Pod Casts, Articles, Tests

Ramsey is the creator of Financial Peace University (FPU), a thirteen-week program that helps people dump their debt, get control of their money, and learn new behaviours around money that are founded on commitment and accountability. More than 750,000 families have attended FPU classes at their workplace, church, military base, local non-profit organization, community group or Spanish speaking organization. Ramsey created a group of products in an effort to teach children about money before they have a chance to make mistakes. Foundations of Personal Finance is an all inclusive school curriculum that is currently in more than 5,000 schools across the country. Financial Peace Jr. is an instructional kit designed to help parents teach their young children about working, saving and giving their own money. On Oct. 15, 2007, Ramsey added television host to his title when "The Dave Ramsey Show on Fox Business Network" debuted nationally. Ramsey earned his B.S. degree in Finance and Real Estate from the University of Tennessee. A frequent speaker around the country at large-scale live events, Ramsey is a passionate and inspiring presenter who is at ease on both sides of the mike. More than 650,000 people have attended Ramsey's LIVE events.


A small sample of FREE videos on YouTube by Dave Ramsey about getting out of debt...


       How to be Financially Successful

        Catalyst Conference Dave Ramsey

        Money Matters Session 1: Financial Vision + links         

        Proven Biblical Money Principles

        Dumping Debt - Freedom from Debt

        Breaking The Chains Of Debt

        Live Like No One Else - Dave Ramsey's Story





   IHS-WA.net       Articles on Dispensationalism

Dispensationalism is a doctrine that has profoundly affected evangelical Christianity over the last 100 years. If you attend an evangelical church, chances are your beliefs have been shaped or affected in some way by this doctrine. And yet, despite the blessing it has brought over the years, today dispensationalism is under attack from without and from within. The page at BrethrenOnline.org is intended to be a source of helpful teaching on the topic of dispensationalism.


Articles on Dispensationalism covered:

An Introduction to Dispensationalism - Shawn Abigail - In this article, I introduce the topic of dispensationalism and explain why I believe it to be Biblical. I also discuss why I feel this doctrine is intensely practical.

Dispensationalism and the Gospel - Shawn Abigail - This article demonstrates that Dispensationalism does NOT teach different methods of salvation in different dispensations, and goes on to demonstrate that in fact, the Gospel message is strengthened by the foundations of Dispensationalism.

Principles of Dispensational Bible Study - Shawn Abigail - This one page handout doesn't talk about how to study dispensationalism, but rather, how to study dispensationally!

Dispensationalism and God's Glory - Greg Herrick at www.bible.org - Dispensationalists understand that God's highest purpose is to bring glory to Himself. This article demonstrates how God's glory is shown in each dispensation.

Dispensationalism Misunderstood - Ken Blue - This article answers many of the objections raised against dispensationalism, especially those based on the excesses of ultra-dispensationalists. Note that this article takes a position on the KJV that the author of BrethrenOnline.org does not agree with.

Dispensationalism and the Church- from www.endtimes.org - A good general article on the topic. A partial list of well known Christians who have held a dispensational understanding is included.

The Hermeneutics of Progressive Dispensationalism - Robert L. Thomas - Progressive Dispensationalism has radically redefined what most of us accept as standard dispensationalism. This article takes exception to the manner in which Progressive Dispensationalists have redefined dispensationalism's hermeutic.


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